My first blog

This is my first blog for my own website. I was searching for an apt topic to start my blog, and after a lot of deliberation, I decided to go with the simplest topic which is the most relevant to my company – WHY WEBSITES?
Well a lot of us, owning business’ either small or big, even today, are skeptical about why and what is the need to have a website, when there are so many other modes of communication. Some friends I know have business’s about 60-70 year old, and well known locally, so they feel it an unnecessary expense to be investing in the so-called “Digital Market”. My blog may or may not be convincing enough for some, but as a budding entrepreneur, I deem it my responsibility to highlight the benefits of owning a website.
Firstly, the world today has progressed into a big Digital Globe, as I would call it. People want to be seen, to be heard. I know of a local Clothes Ironing man (Dhobi-as called in India), who wanted to go the digital way, to enable him to attract more customers. He now proudly owns a simple website, aptly marketed in the local area, which has brought him newer customers, and I can see his business growing. A light-hearted conversation with him one evening, he brought his view-point to me. In his view, what you show is only seen!
This was exactly what motivated me to explain to my clients, the importance of Websites. Your business is important to you, but whats the point of holding an office and people working for you and a few set of fixed customers, when a website can show to the entire world, what potential your business holds. An interesting, visually appealing website, gives a perfect insight of the What’s, Why’s, How’s & Where’s of your business, without you having to explain in detail verbally.


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