If there is one conversation hanger as popular as ”whatsapp me” it must be “DM me”. That is how much Instagram has intertwined itself with our social life. According to a recent survey, Instagram holds the highest percentage for user interaction and engagement. Most entrepreneurs get infatuated with this notion and tent within their Instagram business accounts hoping to become an overnight success. The sad truth, however, is that your brand becomes one out of the million other business pages floating around in the users feed. So what can you do to get your target audience fan over your page?

Stick to Brand Bravado

No matter how small your business is, arm yourself with The Business page starter kit (ie) logo, colour theme and content style. Stick to them like your life depends on it. A good example to this would be Garnier’s Instagram handle. They maintain the neutral white background while using a combination of their signature pastel colours to showcase their product.

This helps your target audience remember and relate to your brand easily.

Describe don’t Distract!

Your description handle is your one way ticket to making a permanent mark on the follower’s mind; good or bad. Keep your description crisp, catchy yet conceivable. Change your page description off and on to increase curiosity in the minds of the user and exorcise the boredom phantom! Brands like Nike and Adidas often change their description as per the current theme of what they post.

This keeps the reader hooked to the page and leaves them wanting for more.

Vouch for Visual Storytelling

No consumer buys a product for the brand; the purchase is rather driven by the story narrated behind it. “Humans of India” does an outstanding job in visual story telling where the page combines pretty relatable photos of people from India and talks about their life stories.

The more you get your audience to relate to your brand, the higher are your chances of selling it.

Post, don’t pester

A few entrepreneurs think it’s a great idea to flood their follower’s feeds with as many posts as possible creating “The Clingy Ex” effect. It gives you the same result in both situations; you get blocked :P Well established brands like Chumbak do not go for more than 2 posts a day. Gives the required breathing space for the followers without staying stuck to their face!

Goo Social

This is the most obvious part of having a good Instagram handle. Engage audience not just with content but also with quirky replies. Most of us are suckers for a good sense of humour. Keep your replies friendly and slightly witty so that your followers look forward to interacting with you again. If you don’t believe us, you’ve got to check “Wendys” Instagram handle and their slap stick comebacks!

Instagram is your best friend when it comes to showcasing your brand. However, it never hurts to learn a few simple hacks to keep yourself ahead of the vast business pool.

Disclaimer :

The brands specified in this article are to be intended only as an example or case study. We do not have any business relationships with any of them.